The Walking Dead S05 Part 2 (2015) – Alexandria, a new beginning?

TWDs05The second half of S05 of The Walking Dead continues to improve the show by adding new depths to many of the characters while introducing a key new location and possible home for Team Rick. We are still unsure if Alexandria is destined to become like Woodbury or like the Prison but we are fairly reassured that it is not Terminus. After the devastating loss of Beth in the first half of S05, we don’t lose any major characters (although we do lose a few minors), but we see the cold killer side of Carol, the full-on Rick, and – best of all – we are reunited with a reinvigorated and seemingly coherent (and badass) Morgan. The writing continues to improve season over season as we get more involved with each of the characters – this is quite a feat considering the sheer number of major and semi-major characters that the show is following now. I am really glad that we got a more determined Maggie, a more human and compassionate Darryl, a mature Carl, a grieving Sasha (is she long for this world?), and a grounded and stabilising Michonne. I really appreciated how Abraham has evolved and the layers to all these characters. It is quite nerve-wracking to have to wait another nine months to see where things go but based on S05, S06 could only continue to improve. And even better for TWD fans, we get the spinoff based in LA this summer.

For those that like a zombie story, but perhaps feel that TWD is too dark or heavy handed, I would suggest trying iZombie on The CW. This is a lighthearted take on the zombie-pocalypes in Seattle and is both intriguing and funny.


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