Justified S06 (2015) – A Very Satisfying Goodbye to Raylan and Boyd

JustifiedS06My favorite shows are falling like flies. The latest show to end a multiple season run was Justified, the Graham Yost produced story of Federal Marshal Raylan Givens pursuit of his sort -of-friend/arch-enemy Boyd Crowder. I have blogged about this excellent show before and wanted to give you my final impressions but without spoilers as much as possible. This show is up there with The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, and naturally Deadwood as one of the great episodic dramas on recent television. Its production values, the Elmore Leonard inspired (and until he passed away he had an active hand on the show) writing, and the acting from Walton Goggins and Timothy Oliphant (who also co-produced the show) all raise Justified above most other crime dramas (such as The Bridge). In this final season, we get to see a few of our old favorites for a last time (Constable Bob for Sheriff! and the indomitable cockroach Wynn Duffy) which was highly satisfactory. Look for Damon Herriman (the hilarious actor who was Dewey Crowe  and is now Niblet on Battle Creek, the new Vince Gilligan vehicle) and Jeremy Davies (he was Dewey “Devil” Crowe and was a terrifying Peter Bernardone on Hannibal). The new characters – in particular a stunning Sam Elliott and an intriguing and terrifying Jonathan Tucker (a talent to watch and enjoy on Hannibal S02 and in Kingdom S01 as well) – were given just enough screen time to add to the suspense without taking away from the core conflict between Raylan and Boyd. I would be remiss not to mention that amazing performance of Joelle Carter as Ava who I find to be one of the strongest and most positive female characters on TV like Piper Chapman of OITNB, Katey Segal on SOA, and Robin Wright on HOC. If you stopped watching Justified during the slower seasons 3 to 5, you would not be disappointed with S06 which is as edgy and interesting as the critically acclaimed S02. As far as final episodes go, this was on par with the series finales of SoA and Six Feet Under. But, I won’t spoil the ending, go binge on this one and let me know what you think!


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