Avengers 2 (2015) – Filler before Avengers 3 and 4

Maybe they got spoiled by success? Or maybe the writers were all working on Daredevil or Agent Carter? In any case, Avengers 2 was a relatively disappointing followup to the excellent Avengers of 2012. Too much CG, too many frivolous plotlines, a sappy romance and predictably unsuccessful between Black Widow and Hulk – there is not much here to praise. I felt that the army of Ultrons was too reminiscent of Iron Man 2 and that the jokes felt old and crusty. I felt that Fury’s appearance was useless as was the help-carrier. The world destruction scenario seemed pointless. I guess the only things I appreciated here were Scarlett in black leather and James Spader’s Robotic Reddington-Ultron character. I think that they started looking forward to the two ultimate Avenger movies Infinity War 1 and 2 and needed to get this one under the rug and this undermined the quality of this intermediary product. The characters also were less engaging for me: I felt that they were too sentimental about Hawkeye and tried to tease us into thinking that he would not survive and I thought Thor was nearly useless here. I know that there are probably many moviegoers that probably do not agree, but I would not place this among the great superhero flicks. I guess I need to wait for Deadpool and Infinity Wars now…


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