The Blacklist S02 (2014, 2015) – Fed up with Lizzie

blacklistposter2I really liked The Blacklist S01. I really like James Spader’s Reddington (and the Red aspects of his Ultron), but this second season seemed a bit slipshod. It seemed to go on forever and repeat the tired themes of, Oh no they kidnapped Red! Oh no, they kidnapped Lizzie! over and over again. Plus, since I suppose loads of female fans complained about Tom’s disappearance from the show, well Tom was back and what a sweatheart (despite the SS tattoo that lasted up until E22!). The cabal was finally revealed with a very anticlimactic reveal with the prism thing. So what? That was so, well, anticlimactic for lack of a better term. Is there anyone out there that really gives a hoot about Lizzie and her distrusting of Red and then after 10000000 examples her “oh you were protecting me, I understand now”? It made me feel a little ill and ripped off to be honest. I mean 44 episodes for the payoff that we STILL don’t know whether Red is her dad or just a family friend and how that fire started. Jeez Louise! I think that I may have wasted my time on this one. The writers had Lizzie going in all directions at once. Oh, and let’s see, I am an ingenious bad guy but when the FBI comes to find me, I leave a USB key with ALL the goods plugged into my laptop as I escape out the window. Really? Did anyone else see a jumping shark? Sorry, but suspension of disbelief can only go so far. Is this the fault of network TV? Well, maybe not because Hannibal features a gripping story, gorgeous filmwork and consistent writing so we know it is possible. Maybe James Spader can shake up the writers room with his clout and get a better S03 late this year? If not, I don’t think I am gonna be watching this one when it comes back.


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2 Responses to The Blacklist S02 (2014, 2015) – Fed up with Lizzie

  1. Well put! Season 1, Ep(I-don’t-know-but-I-am-only-in-this-to-see-what-the-relation-between-Lizzie-and-Red-is) and I am ready to call it quits. Just lead me to the Wikipedia page that explains the plot and I will be OK. Now, Vikings, that is a different story.

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