Rick and Morty S1 (2014) – Deliriously Incredible Must-See Cartoon

rick-and-mortyOK, so perhaps those with strict moral codes and closed minds should avoid Rick and Morty because it tends to draw WAY outside the lines. But if you enjoy to be pushed the the limits of your imagination and moral compass, I have never seen any animated show push the envelope as far as this one. A very bizarre parody of Back to the Future, the ideas in this show – and particularly the last three episodes – will make your head spin (well if you were a Morty, it would probably spin literally while if you were a Rick you would just belch and shrug your shoulders). If you enjoy parody, you are in for a treat because nearly every episode parodies some classic scifi meme or movie. The geeks I have talked to about this show and that went on to watch it were all blown away by the quality and the creativity demonstrated by Community’s Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. So, jump on the Rick and Morty bandwagon and you will be ready for S02 on July 26!


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