NSFCCDP Movie Review: Logan (2017) – Wolverine’s Last Gasp

It has been a LONG time since I have written a blog entry. It isn’t like I haven’t watched the slew of science fiction and superhero flicks since The Martian, I just was focused elsewhere including writing my own book. But THAT is for another post!

Hugh Jackman was pretty clear that after, what, 9 films portraying the epic Wolverine character from Marvel’s X-Men universe, that he was done. BUT, he would do one very last appearance IF he was allowed to use the Logan script. Well, we can be thankfully that Marvel accepted this condition because what we have here is one helluva good superhero movie.

The premise is that a mysterious virus has wiped out nearly all the superheroes with the exception of Wolverine , Caliban, and Professor X who are hiding out in Mexico in an abandoned mill or sorts. Professor X is clearly dying and Caliban has been reduced to a house servant for the marauding Wolverine who is out stealing food and medicine for his ailing colleagues. I won’t say “friends” because he shows quite a bit of animosity for both Caliban and Prof X (extraordinary performance by Patrick Stewart by the way!) even as he is risking his own life in finding supplies. Well, turns out that – surprise! – the bad guys have been harvesting mutant DNA and experimenting on kids to create a sort of moronic super army of mutants with no conscience and, hopefully, pure obedience. Naturally, Wolverine gets dragged into this battle as he is dragged kicking and screaming into the suicidal battle – suicidal because the adamantium in his claws are actually slowly poisoning him and his self-healing powers are falling apart.

OK, no spoilers. But, let me say that 95% of this film was really excellent: the idea of Wolverine seeing himself portrayed in X-Men comics was excellent, the acting of Jackman is as captivating as the performance of little, vicious Daphne Keen is surprising. The fight scenes are epic and the plot does hold together until just before the end. And then, well, the last 5% are a bit melodramatic Marvel crapola unfortunately. A pity, because it gave Mr. Instagram, m.poulet and myself a bit of a sad, aftertaste having really enjoyed the rest of the movie.

Fino rating: 4.0/5.0

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