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Classic Comix Review: Daredevil Born Again – One of the grittiest and best comix ever

My NSFCCDP friend m.poulet suggested I get a little more up to speed on my classic comix and he strongly recommended Frank Miller’s Daredevil. I found Daredevil Reborn on a recent business trip and was blown away. I remember the … Continue reading

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Movie and Comic Review: V for Vendetta (1982 and 2005) – An Enduring, Thought-provoking Cult Classic

There are some classics that it takes time to get around to reading, watching, and appreciating. I recall the hubbub around the movie premier of V for Vendetta but for some reason, I didn’t go see it or even take … Continue reading

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La voyage imaginare d’Hugo Pratt – La Pinacoteque of Paris

I am late in posting about the last expo that I saw back two weeks ago. And, bad me, I didn’t post yesterday – I was flying to Montreal and mentally drained when I got here. Anyway, after long ado, … Continue reading

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