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Fino’s Guide to the French – Issue #1 – Intro and Double Shot

Hopefully Humorous Observations and Occasional Tips in Dealing with the Gauls and Parisians [Author’s Note for 2014 Re-Publish: To celebrate my 18th year in Paris and the 4th anniversary of this series of post, I am republishing this first article … Continue reading

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A little perspective following a visit to a hospital

I visited a colleague in the hospital today. I’d call him a friend but I really didn’t know him all that well outside of work. He was outspoken and good-hearted and I greatly appreciated him as a leader and someone … Continue reading

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Sick as a dog, again

So, it has happened again and only three months later. My sinus condition is back with a vengeance. And this despite the aforementioned chiropractor visits. Ok, so you are now thinking, Fino has finally lost it – a chiro for … Continue reading

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Therapists and the Moral Compass

I loved the relationship between Tony Soprano and his shrink. It was so well-written and acted. So much sexual tension and irony in the meeting of these two. It also kind of broke the mold on males going to seek … Continue reading

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Starbucks and I…and McDs

There is another Starbucks opening near my Parisian flat. I think that within a 1km radius of my apartment there must be, let’s see, 3 and soon 4 Starbucks (Fbg Poissoniere and Fbg Montmartre, Sentier and the new one coming … Continue reading

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Quacks and toubibs

I have had this nagging sinus problem for as long as I can remember. Every couple of months, I get in order: a sore throat, a drippy nose, wet cough, nasty infected nose cold, low energy, nose clears up, throat … Continue reading

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Under the Knife

I am having long-overdue surgery on my knee tomorrow so that, hopefully, I’ll be back to running again before Christmastime. It does make me nervous though because, other than my appendix, I have never had anyone gouging into some part … Continue reading

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