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Movie Review: ‘Round Midnight (1986) – A Jazz Masterpiece

I read Herbie Hancock’s autobiography, Possibilities, a few weeks ago and he talked about winning the Oscar for the soundtrack of ‘Round Midnight which he also acted in. This peaked my curiosity so I watched it on the airplane on … Continue reading

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Music Review: “My Side of Town” by The Roadside Bombs – The Boys of ‘Noma Slam It Home

I could justifiably be accused of nepotism, but I want to plug my cousin Ben’s band  The Roadside Bombs and their debut CD just out called “My Side of Town” on Chapter 11 records. Ben has been a punk rock singer … Continue reading

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TV Series: Ken Burn’s Jazz (2001) – Beautiful documentary but based on flawed premises

I have been reading a LOT about jazz lately (see my articles on Monk, Miles, Giddens, etc). Through this reading, I bumped into the existence of the world’s record holding for sheer length (19+ hours) documentary by Ken Burns that … Continue reading

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More Musing on Miles

I have been binging on Miles Davis for a few months now and have realised how ignorant I have been about his music. Back in my 20s, I just grabbed a couple of CDs I had heard about – Kind … Continue reading

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Debates about Jazz – Mtume vs Crouch back in 2010

A colleague passed me a link to this Mtume/Crouch debate, and it was fascinating. I am realising that in Jazz Criticism there is a sort of more conservative school lead by Ken Burns / Stanley Crouch / Wynton Marsalis, and … Continue reading

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Music: My discovery of instrumental metal – Animals as Leaders and Intervals

Thanks to a tiny little post by Metal Wani on Facebook, I learned of the existence of a genre that is officially called prog metal but which I qualify as instrumental metal. The two bands I checked out were both … Continue reading

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Music Review: Stuff I liked in 2013

As I usually do, here is some of the music released in 2013 that I liked best. Overall, 2013 was not as great a comeback year as 2012 but I think my tastes broadened a bit from last year’s list. … Continue reading

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