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10 Things the French Do Better

I often get accused of being a bit of a francophobe because I yearn for things american while living in Paris for so long (18 years!), but there are things that I do appreciate here. Recently, on the French edition … Continue reading

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Fino’s Guide to the French – Issue #1 – Intro and Double Shot

Hopefully Humorous Observations and Occasional Tips in Dealing with the Gauls and Parisians [Author’s Note for 2014 Re-Publish: To celebrate my 18th year in Paris and the 4th anniversary of this series of post, I am republishing this first article … Continue reading

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Paris with/out Kids: Place de la Republique, a parental lunch in the 3rd, and a bike excursion

After nearly 2 years of crippling traffic jams in the neighborhood, Paris finally unveiled the “new” Place de la Republique. Basically it eliminated traffic passing on the north side of the square and created two way traffic down the “Grands … Continue reading

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Mouse Apocalypse

I live in an old building. Well, relatively old for Parisian standards since most of the pre-19th C buildings were destroyed by Baron Haussman. One thing you learn when you live in a building that is nearly 200 years old, … Continue reading

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The Paris Burger Wars of 2012: and the winner is…

It has probably gone on for a while without any of my readers taking notice of it, but the War of the Burgers, 2012 is raging full-on here in Paris. I have undertaken the momentous job of sampling the various … Continue reading

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Paris: Driving a Smart

My car is in the shop and they lent me a Smart. I don’t know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to drive one so I thought I’d share my impressions. For the Yanks that may not … Continue reading

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Adventures in Boboland

I went out on a bender in Boboland yesterday. It is not a very common occurrence for me to go out and get plastered contrary to public opinion, but I was in need of an evening with the boys of … Continue reading

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