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Dune Overview and Chapterhouse: Dune Review

Introductory notes: Some initial notes for building my impressions of Dune where book references are denoted by D1-D6 for the 6 volumes of the trilogy – warning – there are some spoilers below, but once again if you have read … Continue reading

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The Painting That Ate Itself

[UPDATED – see the end if you already read the article before 29 June, 2018] When we see art in a museum, we are often under the false impression that it is eternal. I mean, the paintings were painted long … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Nairobi Pedestrian:
Hmmm, it’s been a while. So, what’s happened? My country is up for a presidential re-election. DJ Mo almost broke the internet after revealing that he had subjected his wife to 5 tests before deciding…

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NSFCCDP Movie Review: Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I picked up Ghost in the Shell as a manga in Tokyo nearly 20 years ago and was blown away. The story of Major Motoko Kusanagi with her friend and subordinate Batou of the cybernetic eyes and her boss Lt … Continue reading

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TV Series: The Newsroom S01 (2012) – Great news, frustrating plot

I heard about this show a few times but just recently decided to dive in head-first and enjoyed it for at least the journalism part. I liked the analysis and the way that Jeff Daniels presented his faux broadcasts. Watching … Continue reading

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TV Series: The Walking Dead S04-Part 1 – So THAT’s what happened to the Governor

The Walking Dead once again extended its season to 16 episodes and gave us an 8-episode taste in the fall with the rest coming in February. I thought this half was OK. I didn’t really buy the sudden illness in … Continue reading

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TV Series: Breaking Bad S05E09 – Hank vs. Walt, Round 1 is a break-even

TV’s best show is back and ready to kick ass. I re-watched all of Breaking Bad over the last few months and in particular spent time on the end of S04 and the first half of S05 in preparation. I … Continue reading

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