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Password Management

Man, I am so tired of getting spammed by accounts with either easy-to-crack passwords or ones that are more or less dead for the person concerned and thus easy hacker targets. There are incidents nearly every month where I get … Continue reading

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A proposal: rename Getting Things Done (GTD) to Getting My Shit Together (GMST). My progress in GTD/GMST: 1/ I created lists using Remember the Milk (RTM) using priorities but given a hectic schedule and three places which I work from, … Continue reading

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I just love Lotus Notes. Not.

God, could I have had a worse day with Notes. All bitching aside, and despite the fact that I hate Microsoft, Outlook 2007 rocked as a mail client (despite the suckiness of Exchange Server). In other news, I am trying … Continue reading

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I am still trying to understand whether digg and are redundant or complimentary. Perhaps a more web2.0-saavy reader will enlighten me. I suppose the rating system of “diggs” is pretty good but I also like the for: tags in … Continue reading

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Favorite Firefox Extensions and Tricks

My current list of Firefox Extensions and Add-ons. After multiple performance and stability issues, I am being far less trigger-happy in installing these so this pared-down list is what I am using at the moment. AdBlock Plus + Filterset.G Updater … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Update…

I am still struggling with some of this web2.0-ish stuff regarding calendars especially. Seems that iCal deleted a couple of appointments (to the annoyance of the appointees) during this whole exercise 😦 I sure wish I could get consistent sync’ing … Continue reading

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RSS Feeds, etc

I spent some time looking at various options for news that work on the Mac and the iPod Touch (haven’t bought the iPhone 3G yet but soon, very soon…) and have settled on NetNewsWire. It took a while to massage … Continue reading

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