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My first book! The Gramble Chronicles I: Sophie’s Playlist

Yes, I have been away from WordPress for too long, but I was productive. In 2016, I read 218 books totally 73000 pages – spanning the work of Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon among many, many others. … Continue reading

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10 Things the French Do Better

I often get accused of being a bit of a francophobe because I yearn for things american while living in Paris for so long (18 years!), but there are things that I do appreciate here. Recently, on the French edition … Continue reading

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Fino’s Guide to the French – Issue #1 – Intro and Double Shot

Hopefully Humorous Observations and Occasional Tips in Dealing with the Gauls and Parisians [Author’s Note for 2014 Re-Publish: To celebrate my 18th year in Paris and the 4th anniversary of this series of post, I am republishing this first article … Continue reading

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A Tale of Unmatched Socks

I noticed yesterday that I had six unpaired socks in my socks-n-undies drawer. This caused lots of existential questions to surface to my consciousness. Where did the “other halves” disappear too? Is there a singularity that appears occasionally in the … Continue reading

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Memories of a lost friend

Do you have some songs that immediately remind you of someone? For me, Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley takes me back to the brief period that I knew a certain AF. I met her almost exactly ten years ago when … Continue reading

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Musings: Horizons

Back a few posts ago, I reviewed some of the albums from 1991 that were particularly influential for me and a whole host of Gen-Xers (or are we considered Gen-something-else?) including Achtung Baby by U2. Somehow, that thought led me … Continue reading

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9-11-11: Looking Backwards and Forward

This is a solemn day in rememberance of the catastrophe of September 11, 2001. I remember being at my desk in Les Ulis a little after lunch and having a colleague say (in French), “what the fuck!” and when ever … Continue reading

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