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Quitting Smoking: Causes of Addiction and Some Advice

I quit smoking for the third time nearly 18 days ago. I wrote back in January about starting smoking again. A BIG THANK YOU GOING OUT TO ALL MY WELL-WISHERS ON FACEBOOK – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Well, having built … Continue reading

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More career advice to be taken or left from The Poulet

Following up on the  day-before-yesterday’s post, m,poulet reiterated his rules to me by email today so that I wouldn’t have beer on the brain when trying to recall them. Here they are in all their ovine glory 🙂 1/ Don’t … Continue reading

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Waiting for Inspiration to hit…and 5 Tips for a successful pitch

Has this ever happened to you when you had a, let’s just say, creative, assignment to fulfill with a tight deadline and you draw blanks for days leading up to the final day or so? I had a presentation to … Continue reading

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