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TV Series: Best Shows of 2014 (Updated)

There was a LOT of excellent television again in 2014. Making my list and rating each of the shows against each other is challenging. And let me also state that all the shows in the top 20 below were outstanding. … Continue reading

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TV Series: Game of Thrones S04 and Fargo S01 – both amazing shows!

Two great shows ended their seasons this week: Game of Thrones with a tumultuous 4th season and Fargo’s elliptical first. I’ll try to avoid spoilers but some are going to be inevitable. Game of Thrones introduced (and re-introduced) some characters … Continue reading

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TV Series Flashback: Game of Thrones S01 – We all miss you, Ned!

While on my return trip from the US last week, as the kids were sleeping I binged on S01 of Game of Thrones that happened to be on the airplane entertainment system. It was an awesome experience because so much … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons: The Wait for Winds of Winter Begins…

I have mentioned before that I had made several attempts at reading the GoT series of books after having become addicted to the HBO show based on them. I felt that the first two books – A Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: A Feast for Crows

My dad gave me the first four Game of Thrones books over two years ago. I have been a fan of the TV show from the very beginning and loved both S02 and So3, but my first attempts at reading the … Continue reading

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Summer Reading: Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin – Art or Craft?

I know that I am (once again) incredibly late to get on the GoT bandwagon reading-wise. My dad had told me about GoT for some time and I did watch the show from the very beginning of Season 1, I … Continue reading

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TV Series: The Cathartic Journeys of Merle (Walking Dead), Don (Mad Men), and Jaime (Game of Thrones)

In all three of this year’s biggest TV series thus far, there have been some huge changes for many of the main characters. I was reminded of Merle when I watch the last episode of Mad Men. And reflecting on … Continue reading

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