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The A380, Las Vegas, and Lessons Learned

Sorry readers, I was in Vegas at a conference this week and neglected you. It happens. So here is a quick summary of what I was up to. On Tuesday, I flew for the first time on an A380 Paris-JFK … Continue reading

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Flying by the set of my pants

It was one of those things today where I have been putting off a couple of PowerPoints I had to do because I felt entirely unprepared and insufficiently tooled – plus I naïvely believed that the deadline was in September … Continue reading

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Undecipherable lyrics

Beware of posting about g-t-d. The dan@gtdagenda.com is apparently a robot because I got the same hokey publicity/comment from that address yesterday. Reminds me that I will delete it because the app is not that great. I think that I … Continue reading

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GTD Review

It’s been a while since I posted on GTD and as in January, it is getting late and I need to post so let me take a minute to talk about workflow. I mentioned a couple of days back that I … Continue reading

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Bucking the process: Organization and Structure

Having been an anti-process person from day 1 hasn’t been easy. My mind is just not comfortable with squares and flowcharts in general. Rules tend to make me clausterphobic. I hVe generally always created my own unique path and in … Continue reading

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Chrome vs Firefox vs Safari vs Internet Explorer vs Opera…

A quick post ‘cos I still have 10 emails to finish tonight. I have been alternating between several browsers: Opera, Camino, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. I can’t say that I am a big fan of the first two as … Continue reading

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Reading: A How-To Guide, Part 1: Bookmarks and Footnotes

I figured I’d share a couple of tips and tricks I use when reading as well as some philosophical subjects around reading. In this first installment, I’ll cover bookmarks and then footnotes. I have found that boarding pass stubs make … Continue reading

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