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TV Series: Californication S07: The end for Hank?

This year, Hank Moody flew off into the sunset from LAX back to NY just as he had arrived  at LAX seven seasons ago. Karen by his side and relatively optimistic. It has been a real interesting ride seeing him … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from TV: Hank the 21c Everyman

I think that one of the reasons for the popularity (and perhaps quality as well) of the show Californication is how Dave Duchovny’s character is a sort of everyman for our century who is semi-famous but with a truckload of … Continue reading

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TV Series: Californication S05 – Hank goes to Hell, again

Season 5 wrapped up on Sunday, and as usual Hank is in deep shit. No spoilers here, but a quick review. This past season offered some decent humor with the ever-predictable loser Charlie and his English nanny and Stew and … Continue reading

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