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Book Review: Moby-Dick, or the Whale by Herman Melville – Ahab and the Will to Power

I finished Moby-Dick for the third time last night at midnight-thirty. It was a breathless ending as one would expect, but there was also a feeling of anti-climax. I think that despite the excitement of the chase and the apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Moby-Dick, Part 1 – Suspense Before the Hunt

I am reading and loving Moby-Dick at the moment following my research trips to the whaling museums of Nantucket and New Bedford. This particular edition I am reading from University of California Press is HIGHLY recommended as the typeface is extremely … Continue reading

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Chasing the Cachelot: The New Bedford Whaling Museum

I can’t quite explain my current mania for whaling museums. I find whaling to be brutish and unnecessary, but perhaps it is due to my long-standing admiration for Moby Dick and my tendency to go super deep in subjects that … Continue reading

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Travel Notes: The Nantucket Whaling Museum – a MUST!

I had the pleasure of a weekend in Boston recently between two working weeks and decided to go see something original and of which I had heard so much: The Whaling Museum on the island of Nantucket. Now, you may … Continue reading

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More opening lines (or more of my favorite literary classics)

Continuing on last night’s theme, I thought I’d share a few more opening lines with you. Actually, two are reminders from a friend that said I skipped two good ones – and he was right because they are probably two … Continue reading

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