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Traveling with Kids: The Trans-Atlantic flight

We barely made the the flight because of traffic and some seating issues, but we did make the flight. My two kids and I were just three rows behind the first economy class row. The wait for takeoff was an … Continue reading

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Parenting, Marathons, and the Travel Paradox

As a parent, you sometimes feel like you are running a marathon. The exception being that a marathon is only 42.2 km and takes between 3 and 5 hours for most humans. Parenting lasts about, well, a lifetime. I think … Continue reading

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Kid Birthday Parties – or how to get 2 hours of peace on a weekend

Sounds pathetic, I know, but as a parent of two young kids, weekends with a kid’s birthday party are like a godsend sometimes. Today, my son was at a birthday party (a girl friend of his turning 4 years old) … Continue reading

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