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Book Review: The Pale King by David Foster Wallace – A Posthumous Incomplete Masterpiece

I have been a little fascinated with David Foster Wallace since learning of his suicide on the blogosphere several years back. I have already written a little bit about my reading of some of his work and just happened upon … Continue reading

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More opening lines (or more of my favorite literary classics)

Continuing on last night’s theme, I thought I’d share a few more opening lines with you. Actually, two are reminders from a friend that said I skipped two good ones – and he was right because they are probably two … Continue reading

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Reading: It’s all in the opening (or some of my all-time literature favorites)

In marketing and advertising, there is an adage about the first 30 seconds being critical to grabbing people’s attention. I have found that in literature, this same rule applies to some of my favorite books. Truly great authors have the … Continue reading

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The death of reading?

Last night, I spent some time with one of the friends I have held nearly since my arrival in Paris. Our friendship is founded on the face that we are both redheads with about the same age, but more importantly, … Continue reading

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A watched pot: an ode to waiting

You know that expression, “a watched pot never boils?” I think it is fair to translate it into 21st century terms and say, “a watched inbox gets no new mail.” Remember all those times you waited next to your phone … Continue reading

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Kid’s Show: Tchoui fait son spectacle (Tchoupi does his show)

As promised, here is a quick review of the kid’s show Tchoupi fait son spectacle currently at the Casino of Paris on rue de Clichy. For the kids, it was a great show full of songs and lights and colors. As … Continue reading

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Book Review: Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson

I swear I didn’t know he would be Job’s biographer when I purchased this book. I purchased it after reading the Einstein biography by Mr. Isaacson several months ago. This biography is on par with that one. Insightful and complete, … Continue reading

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