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TV Series: The Walking Dead S04 – Who will survive

Like, what, 15 million other people I enjoyed the season finale of The Walking Dead last week. The second half of S04 had been reminding me of the Starks on Game of Thrones, How long will Team pPrison remain separated … Continue reading

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Music: My discovery of instrumental metal – Animals as Leaders and Intervals

Thanks to a tiny little post by Metal Wani on Facebook, I learned of the existence of a genre that is officially called prog metal but which I qualify as instrumental metal. The two bands I checked out were both … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Movie Review: Captain America 2 – The Winter Soldier (2014) – Just your average superhero flick

There have been some terrible superhero flicks of late and there have been a few standout good ones. Cap’n USA 2 is pretty much average. The Winter Soldier (our super villain) looked slightly like Bane with the mouthpiece (or even … Continue reading

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TV Series: The Newsroom S02 (2013) – Worth an Emmy? Perhaps but not in 2013

When I read that Jeff Daniels got the Emmy over Bryan Cranston for his performance in S02 of The Newsroom, it piqued my curiosity so I needed to watch both seasons to form my own opinion. I thought that Bryan’s … Continue reading

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Murder Mystery Shows: True Detective vs The Bridge vs Top of the Lake

A few weeks now after the finale of True Detective, I am still digesting that particular show (and trying to forget the notion of “making flowers” entirely!) and got to thinking about how it stacks up against two other recent … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Movie Review: 300 – Rise of an Empire – hmm, can you wake me up when it is over? UPDATED

After the graphical brilliance of 300, I had slightly decent hopes for this sequel that would follow the Athenians against the Persian navy knowing that Leonidas and his 300 were slaughtered in the former film. Well, it was pretty much … Continue reading

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TV Series: True Detective S01 – First Impressions

Just wanted to capture my first thoughts after the last episode of True Detective. I feel that this last episode was a bit of a letdown to be honest. The philosophical conclusion was uncharacteristically optimistic for Rust and the tracking … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Georgia Aquarium – or – Damn, those are really whale sharks!?!

I visited a fascinating customer last week in Atlanta – not the one you know associated with news and cable, the other one – and had a morning off before heading to the airport. I had heard of the aquarium … Continue reading

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TV Series: House of Cards S02 – Frank, isn’t VP enough?

House of Cards S01 was a great ride as Kevin Spacey moves from being House Whip to VP in 13 episodes. I was impatient to see where they would go with this in a second season and I was FAR … Continue reading

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TV Shows: True Detective S01E01-E04 – Extraordinary Bayou Mystery Show

I read about True Detective on a blog where they were pointing out a few of the new shows for 2014 and this one caught my eye when I saw Woody Harrelson in the photo. But, I have to say, Matthew … Continue reading

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