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An annoyance…and a small victory :)

I am in a bit of a crap mood of late. Perhaps it is the rainy debut to spring or something. Do you ever want to destroy your washing machine? Mine makes this incredibly annoying screechy BEEEEEP BEEEEEP when the … Continue reading

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Things you can do in 20 minutes

Yesterday, and for the first time in about 14 months following my knee injury, I ran for 20 minutes. Now, to some that might seem like a lot. To me as a past marathonian, it seems like precious little. However, … Continue reading

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Running…again…sort of

I attempted a run today – almost 8 months after knee surgery and it was not brilliant. It is so depressing to be aching after 10-15 minutes when only 16 months ago I was able to run for 3-4h. Argh. … Continue reading

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False start?

After months of inaction due to my busted meniscus, I ran about 9k in about 50 minutes yesterday. I had to walk a bit after about 7.5k but didn’t have much knee pain. Just a bit winded. However, today has … Continue reading

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Mourning for Wounded Knee (retitled inspired by Dee Brown’s classic :)

I forgot to write about my knee. I can’t run for another two months due to a fractured meniscus. Goodbye Paris Marathon 😦 I saw an osteopath  – a French bone doctor – kind of like a chiropractor not into … Continue reading

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The Music of the Cylinders

I had an IRM of my knee yesterday. Funny how you lie there with your leg inside this massive cylinder and there is this sound of pump-pump-click-pump-pump-click of the hydraulic system like a techno backbeat. Then the whole machine starts … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Sunday and Monday night (this should have posted yesterday – sorry!): Man, I just can’t get enough. I mean, perhaps I am not trying enough but I can’t seem to de-stress. I tried a massage yesterday but in … Continue reading

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