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My Top 10 Ground-breaking Television Series (or why Breaking Bad Glides over All)

There seems to be an internet consensus – if the opinions of a few podcasts and that of Chuck Klosterman are to be taken to be post-modern canon that is – that the best shows in the new millennium on … Continue reading

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TV Shows: Top 5 old faves – The Sopranos

Ok, so I am kind of cheating, but in my quest to have a post per day this year, I need to fill in the dates from 15-19 Feb when I had a few “situations” to resolve and was not … Continue reading

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TV Series: Sons of Anarchy S01: The Limits of Fidelity

I finished the E13 of SOA last night and couldn’t wait to post about it. Following on Weeds, Justified, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Treme, this is the next series that I was woefully behind on and trying to catch up … Continue reading

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Therapists and the Moral Compass

I loved the relationship between Tony Soprano and his shrink. It was so well-written and acted. So much sexual tension and irony in the meeting of these two. It also kind of broke the mold on males going to seek … Continue reading

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