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TV Series: Treme S05 – Last call for my favorite Nawlins show

It went out with another amazing set of songs and wrapped up lots of loose ends – Treme is over after 4 1/2 seasons. [SPOILER WARNING!] I am sad to see it go – like I am sad to have … Continue reading

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TV Series: Treme S03 – The Ebb and Flow of Lake Pontchartrain

I am saddened that Treme will end in five more episodes because I have really enjoyed this Big Easy adventure over the last three years. The evolution of each character has been interesting and full of surprises. I’ll talk a … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Movie Roundup and My Favorite TV Series in 2011

It was not a stellar year for science fiction. The Nerd Science Fiction Cinema Club of Paris convened for what little there was to offer: Green Hornet (we boycotted Green Lantern as it was reputably really, really bad rather than … Continue reading

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TV Series: Treme S02 – Gatsby’s New Orleans

I wrote a few days back that I was really enjoying Treme S02. Having finished E11 just now, I have to say that this is television at its finest. There is so much depth here that one feels adrift like … Continue reading

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Treme S02E02 – S02E07 – makes me really miss a New Orleans I never knew

Perhaps David Simon had the same reflection after Katrina that he had neglected New Orleans for too long. Or perhaps he was already completely aware of all the local lore. In any case, I feel like this show has shown … Continue reading

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Miami vs ‘Nawlins -or- Dexter S06E11 and Treme S02E01

When I think about it, Miami and New Orleans have quite a few things in common: racial minorities that actually constitute urban majorities, they have probably hosted the most SuperBowls and NCAA national championships, each city’s NFL team has won … Continue reading

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