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More VMware tips for using Fusion with Windows VMs: Memory management and networking

I still have a couple of other tips in terms of using VMware Fusion with Windows VMs. Yesterday, I focused on my favorite tools. Here I thought I’d mention some of the best practices I have picked up. Memory management: … Continue reading

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Some favorite tools I use in my VMware images when testing pplications on Windows

In my marketing job, it is surprisingly rare that I actually get my hands dirty with the software I promote. This week, I dove in head first on my VMware Fusion image and thought perhaps I’d share a couple tips … Continue reading

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A Mac User in a Windows World

Yep, I am still using my Mac in a company that is 95% Windoze. I just can’t help loving my machine and being so glad that I am not stuck with ThinkPad quality displays and the boot times of >5 … Continue reading

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VMware Fusion Woes

Argh. After running like a top for sooooo long, my Fusion VMware with Windows 7 is becoming a real pain. The performance has gone to shit. Its like walking in quicksand. I thought my keys and so forth were up … Continue reading

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Fun with VMware

Still in the crusade for trying to have a really generic Windows VM image (and in the Win2003R2-32, Win2003R2-64 and Win2008-64 flavors), my thoughts on a methodology. Anyone wish to comment? Standard Windows install for modular VMware installs: virtual disk … Continue reading

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VMware and RHEL5

Long time no blog I know. Very remiss of me 😦 Been real busy at work with VMware and RHEL. A bit of struggle getting everything to work. Still can’t get DB2 to start automatically at boot or find reliable … Continue reading

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LINUX Blues with Red Hat

For a very long time (especially when I was working for another huge computer company), I resisted the LINUX revolution preferring to use and promote commercial UNIXes (Solaris, HP-UX, OS X,…oh yeah I guess we could include AIX if we … Continue reading

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