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More reflections on the cloud

Thanks to all who liked my post last night. In particular, one of my friends couldn’t post his comments for some reason so I’ll reproduce the dialog here: Disclosure: This particular friend works for one of my competitors thus the caginess … Continue reading

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Sociology of Social Networking: Part 1 – Friendship and Facebook

In a desperate effort to get my readership out of the teens, I figured I ought to write something a little more substantial. So, here goes: what impact the rise of social networking had on friendships in this early part … Continue reading

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Some recent iPad Apps

It has been a while since I last listed my favorite iPad apps so here is an update of new discoveries and a few old favorites: I really like Aweditorium. It is a huge map of independent bands of all … Continue reading

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Traffic Circle Rant and FourSquare Addiction

I mean really, WTF!?! The folks that design traffic circles and workarounds on construction sites must all have some sort of collective mental retardation here in the region around Paris. I mean, here’s a great idea: let’s work on a … Continue reading

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I just love Lotus Notes. Not.

God, could I have had a worse day with Notes. All bitching aside, and despite the fact that I hate Microsoft, Outlook 2007 rocked as a mail client (despite the suckiness of Exchange Server). In other news, I am trying … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Update…

I am still struggling with some of this web2.0-ish stuff regarding calendars especially. Seems that iCal deleted a couple of appointments (to the annoyance of the appointees) during this whole exercise 😦 I sure wish I could get consistent sync’ing … Continue reading

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RSS Feeds, etc

I spent some time looking at various options for news that work on the Mac and the iPod Touch (haven’t bought the iPhone 3G yet but soon, very soon…) and have settled on NetNewsWire. It took a while to massage … Continue reading

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