Happy Holidays

Sorry for the drop in writing lately. Family events and holidays oblige. What’s happening with me? Well,
Reading: Vol 2 of Blotner’s biography of Faulkner. Fascinating. Sad that some of the greatest American writers of the 20th C (Faulkner and Hemmingway in particular) were heavy, chronic alcoholics. I didn’t know that Faulkner was hospitalized several times a year for total collapses due to alcohol poisoning – and this even after the ultimate satisfaction on the Nobel Prize for Literature. It is obliquely depressing to think about…
Music: Austin 2008 shipment came in: Govt Mule (The Deepest End), Okkervil River (Black Sheep Boy), ACDC (Black Ice – actually an xmas gift from my mom – nostalgic), Kathleen Edwards (Failer), The Derailers (Full Western Dress), Beatles (Let It Be and Revolver – more on that later), Mother Truckers (Let’s All Go to Bed), Lucinda Williams (Little Honey), Balmorhea (Rivers Arms), South Austin Jug Band (Strange Invitation), Dungen (Ta Det Lugnt) and of course 107.1 KGSR Broadcasts Vol 16 to complete the order and my KGSR Broadcasts collection.
The Revolver story: I was in Miami at Costco and remember that I had written about my embarassment at not owning Revolver so I bought the CD. When I saw my mom and told her what I got, she blushed and asked me to take it back because after reading my blog – she had done the same thing! So I gave her my copy and she gave me hers. I thought that was funny anyway…
So what else? My son is growing and his vocabulary is expanding. He has one bilingual word – “pomme” and “(b)apple” so progress is good on that front 🙂
Happy Holidays to all.


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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One Response to Happy Holidays

  1. Patrick says:

    happy new year for 2009 and big kisses to you and your small family ..


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