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TV Series – Davedevil (2015) – Perhaps the best superhero TV so far

[As usual, I will try to avoid spoilers…] Marvel is on a hot streak and with the highly anticipated (but potentially disappointing) Avengers 2 on the horizon, they teamed up with Netflix and cast the convincing Charlie Cox as Matt … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead S05 Part 2 (2015) – Alexandria, a new beginning?

The second half of S05 of The Walking Dead continues to improve the show by adding new depths to many of the characters while introducing a key new location and possible home for Team Rick. We are still unsure if … Continue reading

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Paris Fall Art Expositions: Hokusai at the Grand Palais (until mid-January 2015)

There are quite a few big expos in Paris this fall, the most interesting, for me anyway, is that of Hokusai at the Grand Palais. I saw this one twice actually – once on my own and once with my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Reading Jazz edited by Robert Gottlieb (1999) – Worthwhile anthology of Jazz

After year’s of receiving their accusing stares from my bookshelf, I committed to myself that I would finish both Visions of Jazz by Gary Giddens and Reading Jazz. The latter is an anthology of Autobiography, Reporting, and Criticism from the major … Continue reading

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TV Series: The Leftovers S01 (2014) – Interesting and Involving despite a slow pace

The premise of a post-rapture suburban New York might seem a bit hokey, but the recent HBO show The Leftovers did a credible job of portraying it. Through its ten one-hour episodes, we see the way that people are driven … Continue reading

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TV Series: Boardwalk Empire S05 (2014) – Fitting but regretful ending to a classic show

I can’t believe that we won’t be seeing Al Capone or Nucky Thompson next year. Or Lucky Luciano and Bugsy creating Las Vegas. Yes, Boardwalk Empire came to a series end last Sunday with a bang. With only a few … Continue reading

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TV Series: Gomorrah S01 (2014) – Great adaptation of the book and the movie

Roberto Savianno has got to be one of the bravest people on the planet. Having taken on the Camora (the Naples mob) in the book and movie of the same title (both of which are excellent) and having been assigned … Continue reading

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