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Waiting for Inspiration to hit…and 5 Tips for a successful pitch

Has this ever happened to you when you had a, let’s just say, creative, assignment to fulfill with a tight deadline and you draw blanks for days leading up to the final day or so? I had a presentation to … Continue reading

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Back to School

No seriously, I am in a Marketing class for two days. Yeah, a little late since I have already been one of the Marketing Directors for almost two months already. But, as I have been teaching classes this year (thus … Continue reading

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iPad Apps I actually use

This list is actually much shorter because I have realized that to be perfectly honest, the iPad is more of a toy than a tool. Hampered by poor PowerPoint support (and this despite Keynote which I have tried), it is … Continue reading

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iPhone Apps I actually use

Like nearly ever other iPhone owner, I initially went a little nuts on buying apps. And like every other iPhone owner I probably only use a small fraction of them. To the left you see my Home Screen. The apps … Continue reading

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The Blank Page Syndrome

I suppose that my attempt to blog every day has run me up against the famous Blank Page Syndrome where one gets writer’s block starting at the black sheet. I find it especially to be the case when I attempt … Continue reading

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Top 5 Oral Presentation Tips

Inspired by this post http://tinyurl.com/76hy9o from @jonburg, here are a few tips for making more interesting presentations in 2009. 1. Avoid filler words. Commonly abused (read repeated over and over and over again) words: really, like, um, you know. How … Continue reading

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Tools and Gadgets (and GTD)

I know, Fino get with the program, but I just heard this GTD (getting things done) term on Lifehacker this week. Sounds like a career of conferences from a certain David Allen and reminds me a little of the 7 … Continue reading

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