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More career advice to be taken or left from The Poulet

Following up on the  day-before-yesterday’s post, m,poulet reiterated his rules to me by email today so that I wouldn’t have beer on the brain when trying to recall them. Here they are in all their ovine glory 🙂 1/ Don’t … Continue reading

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Changing the rules

I used to have three basic rules for success that I mentioned in passing last year: the squeaky wheel gets the grease, quality before quantity, and make yourself indispensable. After a beer-soaked discussion last night with m.poulet, I feel inclined … Continue reading

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Matricial Organization Survival Guide

I got to thinking about how one survives in matricial organizations where the lines of power are unclear and crisscrossed and thought I’d jot down some thoughts. Since one isn’t really sure who is pulling the strings and the decision-making … Continue reading

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News from Orlando: Behind the scenes

Dear reader, I have once again hopelessly neglected you for nearly a week. I have a good excuse: giant sales conference in Orlando all week. That entails either loads of meetings and presentations or too much beer (or both?). Yet, … Continue reading

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Ups and downs of a marketing guy and Dexter S06E11

Dear reader, I have woefully neglected you this week and for that I apologize. It has been a week frought with change and opportunity work-wise. My organization is being completely re-shuffled and everyone is understandably is complete incertitude. I had … Continue reading

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More reflections on the cloud

Thanks to all who liked my post last night. In particular, one of my friends couldn’t post his comments for some reason so I’ll reproduce the dialog here: Disclosure: This particular friend works for one of my competitors thus the caginess … Continue reading

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Did Everything Really Change?

There was a sort of minor sea change in the PLM world Tuesday as Autodesk finally entered the fray. Just about five years after questioning the value of PLM, CEO Carl Bass is now convinced that his PLM on the … Continue reading

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