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Fino’s Guide to the French – Issue #1 – Intro and Double Shot

Hopefully Humorous Observations and Occasional Tips in Dealing with the Gauls and Parisians [Author’s Note for 2014 Re-Publish: To celebrate my 18th year in Paris and the 4th anniversary of this series of post, I am republishing this first article … Continue reading

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Traveling with Kids: Cherbourg and the Cité de la Mer

I had already visited Cherbourg for work a few times (more on that in a moment), but had never brought the family up to the edge of the Cotentin in Normandy to this port-town known as a one-time marine port … Continue reading

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La voyage imaginare d’Hugo Pratt – La Pinacoteque of Paris

I am late in posting about the last expo that I saw back two weeks ago. And, bad me, I didn’t post yesterday – I was flying to Montreal and mentally drained when I got here. Anyway, after long ado, … Continue reading

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Ungrateful s.o.b

I guess I am perhaps a bit of an ungrateful bastard when I am honest with myself. I mean, I live in a beautiful city. Just yesterday, during my dual-museum adventure, I walked past the Eiffel Tower, I visited the … Continue reading

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Apologies and living in a tourist trap

I have not been keeping up on my #postaday2011 challenge this past week so I wanted to offer a sheepish apology. It turns out that blogging every day…well it is really hard! I mean you gotta come up with something … Continue reading

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Club Med Villars-sur-Ollons – Part 2

This second and final review will cover Club Med People met and observed during our stay and then compare this club to other winter clubs and the other Club Med we stayed at last summer. Club Med People As one … Continue reading

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Drawings for my son

I never thought I’d have the need to become an artist but my four year old is forcing me into a corner. At this very moment, he is asking me to draw him a killer whale (an orca) and to … Continue reading

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