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I had an amazing Ayurvedic massage today. To be honest, I really needed it. With Christmas break upon me and the kids coming back home tomorrow and in the middle of a particularly chaotic re-org where I work, I needed … Continue reading

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Orbitsound T12v3 Review and iPhone 4S

After my “early” review, I felt I owed you a more final one. It is a great little box. The bar looks really nice and the subwoofer is pretty discrete as well. The sound itself is good. You do need … Continue reading

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iPhone Apps I actually use

Like nearly ever other iPhone owner, I initially went a little nuts on buying apps. And like every other iPhone owner I probably only use a small fraction of them. To the left you see my Home Screen. The apps … Continue reading

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iPhone App Support

In a really ironic twist, I have found that I get far better application support from applications (both free and paid) on the AppStore for my iPhone than with any other “normal” apps on my PC or my Mac. I … Continue reading

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Another Monday…

Whew, was looking at some huge outer joins today. I really needed some more coffee! So, another week is starting. Rainy morning didn’t help. Further market slippage in Hong Kong and Toyko didn’t help either. Ho hum. Guess we all … Continue reading

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More fun in the new world

Survived first week at new job. Somewhat worried though about how to get use out of my iPhone there due to the use of Lotus Notes and their IT Dept mistrust of security on the iPhone (read no near-term implementation … Continue reading

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